I Need A Hobby….

…is what I said to my co-worker this morning. His response? Why not writing?

That’s when I remembered how much I love to write, and I just need to make time for it. So be prepared followers. I am about to blow up your feeds :)

The overachiever in me finished all of my work for the whole week on Monday because of a little thing we like to call CreateAthon (Blog post to come) that is happening tomorrow. I thought I needed to do all this work to prepare for it, but I did all of it in less than an hour….

This free time I found myself with last night got me to thinking. I don’t usually have this thing called free time. What am I supposed to do? (Of course I started a new series on Netflix but what did that really accomplish?)

As some of you may know, I took the most amazing trip to New York City a few weeks ago. This trip kick started my motivation like no other. New York City is the end deal for me. It is where creative people like myself are supposed to end up. (Right?) So I said to myself, you aren’t going to get to NYC by watching the entire season of The Vampire Diaries in one night (which I didn’t, I fell asleep about half way through…).

I made the decision that Wednesday would be a productive day. The first of many. I am starting off that productivity by blogging. What better way to become a better writer than by writing? I can’t expect the job offers to start coming in just because I say I’m a hard worker, I have to prove it.

So my hobby? Being the best person I can be. Professionally and Personally. Just wait, you will see me in NYC real soon :)

That is all! See you tomorrow!

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