A Session With My Hero, Guy Kawasaki

The second breakout session I attended at #Inbound14 was by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick (another amazing social media person). In this session, they spoke about 6 ways to ensure the perfect social media post. This was easily my favorite breakout session, and here are my takeaways.


Guy posts about 50 posts a day on his social accounts. Yes that is a ton, but it is a group effort. Also, the same post goes out 4 times a day, every 8-10 hours. I found this fascinating. Although it seems excessive, I can tell you from personal experience, Guy is always showing up in my newsfeed. He is increasing the probability of reaching his target audience.

One of my favorite things these two said was they hate “social media experts” because no one really knows what is going on, but they went on to share what works for them.

  1. Pass the Re-Share Test
    • Everything you post, your followers should see it and think it is so amazing that they will repost it to their followers.
    • It is like a restaurant. If you really like it, you will tell your friends to eat there. If it was just okay, you will do your obligated tipping.
    • Is what you post so good, people will risk their reputation by re-sharing it?
  2. Be Valuable
    • Every post should provide value in some form
      • Information
      • Analysis
      • Assistance
      • Entertainment
    • Mix It Up.
    • NPR model: tune in all the time because you know it is going to be excellent no matter what time you tune in.
    • It is okay to promote yourself every once in a while.
    • Earn respect and provide value.
    • Creation mode versus Curation Mode.
      • Just as valuable to curate content.
      • It is easier to curate than to create, but creation is still important too.
  3. Credit your Source
    • Always link back to the original source of the content.
    • Use the @ mention. Thank them for their content.
    • If you aren’t sharing other people’s content why should they share yours?
    • Take the essence of the message. Don’t steal the entire message. .
    • The only credit you should want is that you saved them time by finding the article.
  4. Be Brief 
    • Have 50 character headline.
    • Only use a three sentence body.
    • No one wants to read more than that.
    • Use active voice.
    • Break up long paragraphs with bullet points.
    • Use one hashtag for twitter.
    • These restrictions challenge you to be a better writer.
    • When you use bullets and numbered lists, it is a higher value to the mind.
    • No one wants to read long paragraphs.
    • Hand them what they need to know on a platter.
  5. Be Bold
    • This is a controversial concept.
    • Your social media has the right to be bold. Brands may be more tricky.
    • Take a stand on something.
    • Push the edge.
    • Show people what you stand for.
    • It makes you more interesting and real.
    • You WILL take heat for it.
    • If you aren’t pissing someone off on social media, you aren’t using it right.
  6. Add Drama
    • Then put your graphic/photo on Pinterest and link back to the article.
    • Canva is quite helpful for this.
    • They never post anything without an image.
    • On Twitter you can add up to four images.
    • Make a template and reuse it
    • This could be the difference between not seeing a tweet and them favoriting it.
    • If it is boring. Make it BIGGER.
    • Don’t let the graphic be sucked in. (Even tinier on phone)
    • Embrace Hashtags
      •  They tie everything together.
      • When you use hashtag it ties your content with everyone else’s. CHECK THE HASHTAG don’t randomly select it.


I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to put these practices into use.


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