Storytelling is Dead.

This will be a short blog post, which is extremely appropriate considering what this breakout session was about. In a 15 minute bold talk, I learned A Story about the End of Storytelling by David BerkowitzKeep reading to learn why David is convinced storytelling is dead. 

  • Storytellers never relinquish control over a story. As Inbound Marketers, we need to move away from stories and toward relationships.
  • The best way to combat storytelling is to focus on relationships.
  • How do we do this? Social Media
  • No matter the brand, relationships and social media is the answer, not storytelling.
  • Take an interest in your customer’s lives. Make you brand more personal.
  • Turn away from storytelling and shift to story making. 
  • Make stories with your customers, don’t bore them with your stories.
  • These are the stories your customer will remember and want to share.


Do you have a good relationship with your customers? How? Tell me in the comments.


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