The Founders of Hubspot Remind Everyone of Their Genius

The second keynote of #Inbound14 was from Brain Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, the founders of Hubspot. They revealed all of Hubspot’s new features, and reminded us what it means to keep growing. 


What is the one thing we all have in common? We all want to grow.

Brian and Dharmesh started Hubspot to help other companies grow.

There are three important elements of growth: the perspective, the people and the platform.

  • Perspective
    • Growth doesn’t magically appear. You need a plan.
    • A plan needs a goal. It shouldn’t be incremental
      • It should be bold.
      • X-Growth (X=Exceptional)
    • Inbound Marketing creates leverage.
    • Marketing should be about attracting not interrupting.
    • Marketing needs to shift from delusion-driven to data-driven.
  • People
    • To get good at growth, you need to get great at recruiting.
    • There’s a race to recruit the best talent.
    • These are magical time in the world of marketing.
    • Dharmesh was tasked in figuring out the “Culture thing.”
    • What did he do? He created one of Hubspot’s most popular pieces of content, the Culture Code deck.
    • The people you work with matter more than the perks you get.
    • Start with amazing people.
    • Awesome people don’t like average goals.
    • Remarkable results rarely come from avoiding risk.
    • You have to try new things. 
  • Platform
    • So what is the plan? Shiny new toys.
    • Hubspot revealed a new task feature, a calendar, and a way to track ROI.

You want people to love what you believe in and who you are as a company. And the reasons why you do what you do. Its never easy to get exceptional growth but its much easier to get people to love you.

Up next, Brian talked about the sales side of things.

  • Sales Perspective
    • The Sales Playbook is fundamentally broken.
    • Today, the prospect has the power.
    • Google is the trusted adviser in the buying process.
    • The buying process is getting Yelpified.
  • Sales People
    • ABH-always be helping instead of ABC- always be closing.
    • You have to be transparent
    • You have to be motivated.
  • Sales Platform
    • A CRM creates work for the sales rep
    • Missing context needed for “SELP”ing the new buyer
    • This doesn’t help with prospecting.
    • So what did Hubspot do? They created Sidekick to fill out everything in the CRM for you, integrate with your email, and keeps everything in one place for you.
    • Then, they took it one step further. They announced the new Hubspot CRM.

Hubspot is taking over every aspect of the marketing and sales process to help you shift from your “frakenmachine” of different programs to one seamless program.


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