Long Live Content

My first breakout session of day 2 was taught by Luke Probasco. He tackled the subject of content marketing when you really don’t know what you are talking about. 


Content is still king.

These days everyone is in sales and marketing, and in order to create good content, you need everyone’s help.

  • Get buy-in from company leaders
    • Show company leaders how inbound marketing is responsible fro lead generation and sales.
    • Once they see a direct influence there will be an alignment from the top down.
    • Interview your company leaders.
    • Marketers do a lot of marketing, but often they aren’t marketing their marketing.
    • There is a lot of content that already exists in the company that you can leverage.
  • Offer incentives to employees.
    • Offer money per blog (50 bucks).
    • Enter authors into a drawing and choose a winner to win a prize.
    • If you don’t have any budget, pay people with extra time off.
    • Be sensitive to egos
      • Don’t completely change someone’s blog, or they won’t want to write for you anymore.
      • Help them understand what you want.
    • Make friends with the support team.
      • Convince the support team to write blogs
      • Asked to be cc’d on support emails.
      • Explain to them, that one blog post can answer the same question they keep getting called about. Let Google answer it for you.
      • Are there any live chat transcripts?
    • Interview technical people
      • Have technical people demonstrate something for you.
      • What do they think is important?
      • Have technical people dumb it down.
    • Sit in on sales call
      • Listen to what customers are saying.
      • These are potential customer questions.
  • Have a brainstorming session with everyone.
    • Explain value of content
    • Bring beer.

Creating Content When You Aren’t the Subject Matter Expert (SME). 

  • Create content that answers a question.
    • See what people are asking (Google it).
  • White Papers
    • The hardest piece of content to create when you aren’t the SME.
    • Largely technical
    • Find someone to write it for you
    • Use the white paper as a foundation for all other related content
    • Use Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Word
  • Webinars
    • The second hardest piece of content to create when you aren’t the SME
    • Create webinar based on topics covered in the white paper
    • Webinars are great middle/bottom of the funnel resources
    • GoToWebinar or WebEx
    • Recreate in iMovie for a second piece of content.
  • Podcasts
    • Find co-workers to be a guest on your podcast.
    • Presents multiple industry thought leaders within you company.
    • Another platform to get your message out.
    • Podcasts make great interview style blogs.
    • Apple GarageBand, Blue Yetti microphone, Auralex Mud Guard, Headphones (Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro)
    • Have an industry conversation. 
  • eBooks
    • High perceived value.
    • Compile your most read/informative blogs into an eBook.
    • Great opportunity to associate industry thought leaders with your brand.
    • Crowd source content.
    • InDesign, Word, PowerPoint
    • Great for calls to action and getting people in the funnel. 
    • Ask people questions on LinkedIn (10 things you wish you knew)
      • Once they are a part of it they will share it
    • Blogs
      • Companies with an active blog report 97% more leads.
      • Interview technical people in company.
      • Have support them turn customer interactions/emails into blogs.
      • Pay employees to write.
      • “For more information download our ebook.”
      • Buying blogs did not work for their company.
      • Transcribe podcasts.
      • NewsJack
      • Articles with images get 94% more views then those without
    • Videos
      • Interview technical people.
      • Start a “Whiteboard Friday” now that you are intimate with the content you have been re-purposing.
      • Create short videos.
      • Record web presentations.
      • Make videos consistently.
      • iMovie, ScreenFlow, VideoScribe, Prezi
      • Wistia
    • Infographics
      • Fire up Google, look for statistics.
      • Are there any industry reports you can pull from?
      • Visually communicate your message.
    • Resource Kits
      • You’ve already done the work, repackage it.
      • Another chance to present your content to people who may have not read your read your previous emails.
      • Great call to action for blogs, white papers, and eBooks.
      • 80% of decision makers prefer to get info in a series.
    • Newsletters
    • Social Media
      • Let them know when you have new content.
      • Post links to industry news.
      • What are people saying about you?
      • You are a good source of industry news. 
      • Like a cover band, slowly put in your own stuff
      • 80% of users prefer to connect with brands through Facebook

What content do you use most frequently?


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