State of Inbound

This is my last blog post from #Inbound14. It was such an inspiring experience and I learned so much. I thought it would be appropriate to end with the state of inbound. 

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Inbound Marketing and Selling Trends

  • Only 49% who took the survey are related to Hubspot
  • Return On Investment plus a Service Level Agreement = $$.
  • Top of the Funnel is priority 1 (and 2 and 3)
  • Data facilitates alignment
    • Inbound marketing is data driven marketing.
    • Less space for bias.
  • Agencies lead vendors in inbound success.
  • Inbound > “just marketing”
  • Europe mirrors North America.
  • Run Inbound (or keep on running).
    • 87% of respondents said they practice inbound.
      • 93% for those with $1-$5milllion budget.
    • Inbound is expanding.
    • Outbound is contracting.
  • The Key to Unlocking Budget
    • Prove it Works.
    • Marketers who measure ROI are 12x more likely to achieve YOY ROI growth
    • ROI is the top challenge, but low priority.
      • Only challenge that has increased year over year
  • Franken-systems
    • Technologies don’t talk to each other
    • Only 53% of marketers are tracking ROI
    • Measuring ROI automatically puts you ahead of the competition
  • Follow the Leader
    • Agencies are especially spending money at the top of the funnel.
    • The impact of blogging on inbound ROI
      • Marketers who have prioritized blogging are 13x more likely to enjoy positive ROI.
      • It is not too late to start now
      • Guests and freelancers are key to ROI improvement (content creators)
    • Outbound marketers are placing minimal importance on core inbound channels
  • Inbound Moves Beyond Marketing
    • Inbound marketers create more knowledgeable prospects
    • Sales reps are more “inbound” than outbound marketers
    • SLA=more influence
    • SLA=more budget
  • Marketing agencies are generating greater ROI than vendors
  • Budgets are most variable for mid-size companies

Want to read the entire State of Inbound 2014? Click here. 


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