Public Relations and Inbound: a Match Made in Heaven.

I read this great article about how to integrate inbound marketing tactics into your public relations strategy. I jotted down my takeaways here. It really spoke to me especially since my major is Public Relations. 


The ability to integrate inbound marketing tactics into the public relations mix has never been more important.

“It’s like a shoe with a broken shoelace. Instead of tossing them into the nearest garbage can and heading to the mall for new shoes, you simply need to replace the laces and interweave them into the existing shoe.”

Some things will stay the same:

  • Writing articles to be placed on popular websites
  • Creating press releases
  • Brand Evangelism

Inbound marketing has the same overall goal as public relations. Visibility and Awareness.

Here are some great ways to integrate inbound marketing into your public relations strategy

  1. Add educational content to your bylines for articles that will be placed on popular websites
  2. Add SEO to your press releases.
  3. Use your PR materials to become a content generation machine

What do you think? Are inbound and pr a perfect pair?

Read the full article here.


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